Yesterday, a young man named Josh appeared at my door to assemble and install a ramp for my challenged husband. The first thing he saw as he looked through the storm door was a man on the floor with two females attempting to lift him up off the ground. I motioned for Josh to come inside. He came inside and asked, “can I help? “ I moved out of the way. Together, he and the younger female managed to get my almost limp husband into his lift chair. Once that was done, Josh walked outside to begin the process of installing the ramp. This ramp will allow Mr. Smith to finally venture outside. He has been housebound and wheelchair-bound for the past 3 years.

I stressed to Josh the importance of making the ramp as affordable as possible. He said, Mrs. Smith, I will do my best but know that we must meet ADA Code. He did just that. The ramp took most of the entrance level step. I had two large clay pots that he helpfully moved onto the grass. Before Josh left, I asked if he would take them to the shop for storage. He did that for me, too! Josh is a decent, kind, young man. He went far and above what I expected. The ramp is very sturdy. Looks as good as possible. He installed the ramp in a tight-fitting manner. No flaws that I could see at all. All connections were made, bolts tight.

And I am thankful there are such young men as Josh. He did good work! And he was both kind and helpful to me in a very personal manner. Josh is professional, polite, intelligent, respectful. These are qualities that few people have any more these days, it seems. My life touched his for a moment, yet I know that I will carry Josh with me for a long time. His mother can be proud of Josh. National Ramp can take pride knowing they employ an employee with an abundance of mature character traits. Such young men are a valuable commodity to any company. On a scale of 1-10, I rate Josh a 10+.

Thank you Josh, for making an indelible print on my heart. Thank you, National Ramp, for a job well done. This ramp will allow my husband of 58 years an abundance freedom.

Mrs. Smith

A satisfied customer

*Customer names and personal details have been changed to protect consumer identity